Bitcoin as Payment Option

Buy Precious Metals with Bitcoin

In collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange BitPay, the Hard Assets Alliance is offering its customers a solution to fund their account and buy precious metals with bitcoins.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Fill out a short request form detailing how many bitcoins you would like to exchange into US dollars that will be credited to your SmartMetals® account.
  2. BitPay sends you an invoice indicating the exchange rate and the sum in dollars you will receive after the transaction.
  3. If you agree on the exchange rate, BitPay processes the transaction and exchanges bitcoins into US dollars. (Note: Bitcoin is very volatile and if it drops or climbs afterward, the customer will still get the amount of dollars agreed to at the time of the order and the transaction will proceed as agreed.)
  4. The dollars are then added to your SmartMetals account where you can use them to buy precious metals.

If you want to allocate part of your Bitcoin funds to precious metals—a real store of value and wealth insurance—open a SmartMetals account and fill out a request form today!

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