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Debt Ceiling Crisis Driving Demand for Gold?

May 22, 2023

If politicians in Washington can’t reach an agreement, the U.S. government could start to run out of money within weeks. The debt ceiling, a law that sets a limit on [...]

Interest in gold up 50% among Americans

May 17, 2023

Bloomberg Calls Gold the “Obvious” Investment for Protecting Your Wealth According to Bloomberg’s latest Markets Live Pulse survey, more than half of finance professionals said they would buy gold if [...]

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What’s Next as Gold Reaches New Heights

May 12, 2023

It’s an exciting time to be a gold investor. Gold briefly reached a record all-time high last week. Meanwhile, the Dow is struggling to deliver meaningful gains year-to-date: And there [...]

Gold in 2022: Amidst the Tumult, Gold Remains Buoyant

January 4, 2023

War! Inflation! Rate hikes! Crashing cryptos! Sinking stock markets! A soaring U.S. dollar and hints of recession all highlighted a tumultuous 2022. Despite several headwinds and confusion over gold’s weakness [...]