Why Everything That Can Go Wrong From Here Likely Will | Pomboy & Atwater

People are tired of the malaise the markets have been mired in this year.

They want to stop worrying & start making gains again.

But “no bear market ever ended due to fatigue” socionomics expert Peter Atwater cautions in our new interview with him hosted by Stephanie Pomboy.

They end in fear. When no one wants to buy a stock or bond again — ever.

We’re not there yet, warns Peter; who predicts tougher times ahead for the markets. And for society in general.

Confidence is starting to be lost in our key institutions like the Fed, Wall Street, Capitol Hill, and corporate America.

As a result, a systemic re-pricing of risk is underway that is likely to result in further massive market value destruction from here.

To see him explain why, watch Stephanie Pomboy’s new interview with Peter Atwater.

And make sure to watch Part 2 of this interview with the video below.

As Bursting Asset Bubbles Vaporize Wealth, Social Blowback Will Be Inevitable

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