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Buy, Sell, and Store Precious Metals as Easily as Trading Stocks

The Hard Assets Alliance offers a revolutionary platform that makes investing in physical precious metals intuitive and quick. With just a few mouse clicks, investors can buy, sell, and store precious metals in one of our six ultra-secure, non-bank vaulting facilities.

All precious metals in your Hard Assets Alliance account are fully allocated to you and insured at the full replacement value. Whether you store domestically or internationally, you retain full control over your holdings—and can sell them for cash or take delivery at any time.

This convenience and flexibility is made possible by our partnership with Gold Bullion International, which provides bullion services to institutional investors and the biggest banks in the world.

Via the Hard Assets Alliance, you get access to this insider bullion network at a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about our highly competitive pricing and fees.

In addition to competitive pricing, secure domestic and overseas storage, and seamless transactions, opening an account with the Hard Assets Alliance gives you two additional benefits:

  1. No counterparty risk. When you buy and store your metals through the Hard Assets Alliance, you own the specific coins or bars you purchased, held on your behalf in our ultra-secure vaults. That is in stark contrast to many bullion programs offering unallocated accounts, which are effectively claims on precious metals that may rely on a counterparty to fulfill.
  2. Unbroken chain of custody. With the Hard Assets Alliance, buying and storing your precious metals provides an unbroken “chain of custody.”

We work only with London Bullion Market Association-approved dealers and vaults that guarantee bullion authenticity. As long as your bullion stays with the Hard Assets Alliance, our dealers will bid on your metals without seeing them. That makes it quick and hassle-free when the time comes to sell your metals.

The alternative—trying to sell precious metals you have stored at home or in your personal safe deposit box—can involve a serious time delay and added costs and hassles as the dealer will often require an assay to verify the quality of the metals.

With an unbroken chain of custody between the mint and our world-class vaulting facilities, those hassles are entirely avoided, allowing you to log on to your account and sell your metals with a couple of clicks.

It’s truly as easy and secure as trading stocks.


Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
Precious Metals 101 Book

Save time and money in the gold market. Learn what to buy, where to store it, the safest type of metal, and more. Answers to every question you've ever had about precious metals investing -- and it's FREE.

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