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Investors Scramble to Protect Their Wealth

Hard Assets Alliance was created as a cooperative of investment professionals who believe there’s a better way to invest in precious metals. This is a guest perspective on the markets from one of these partners; we hope you enjoy it.

Last week I took my teenage daughter out to dinner for her birthday.

We had a great time until our server brought the check. As I reached for my back pocket, I realized my card was at home. I had been paying some bills right before we left and forgot to pick up my wallet.

Now I had to ask my daughter to pay for her own birthday dinner!

Morgan was a good sport about it. She said that I could just pay her back when we got home.

“With interest, of course!” she laughed.

I explained to her that interest rates had actually turned negative in many parts of the world. So I would be happy to reimburse her for 98% of the cost of the meal.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t amused.

Investors around the world aren’t laughing, either… yet they have actually accepted similarly ludicrous terms.

They’re so desperate for “safe havens” that they’ve bought over $16 trillion of negative-yielding debt from governments around the world — despite knowing full well they’ll receive less than their initial principal in return.

So smart investors are now looking for better ways to protect (and grow) their wealth.

And precious metals like gold and silver offer some of the best ways to profit in the current nontraditional markets.

Here’s how to collect a big instant income payment from one of my favorite precious metal stocks.

Gold Miner Stocks Are on the Move.

To understand today’s opportunity, first you need to know why gold and silver prices are trending higher.

Low interest rates make paper currencies around the world less attractive. Investors simply don’t want to hold dollars, euros or yen if they’re not getting paid anything for their deposits.

And as interest rates continue steadily lower, more investors are looking for better ways to protect their wealth.

At the same time, we’ve started to see more turbulence in financial markets — specifically in the U.S. stock market.

So investors are buying more stable assets like gold and silver for protection. That way if traditional financial markets get too crazy, at least some of their wealth will be protected by the value of these metals.

This demand for gold and silver is pushing precious metals higher. For example, last September, gold was trading near $1,200 per ounce. This September, gold is trading above $1,500 and trending even higher.

I believe we could see gold hit $2,000 per ounce very soon, and possibly $3,000 if U.S. interest rates drop below zero.

That’s great news for mining companies that pull gold and silver out of the ground. The higher gold and silver prices move, the bigger their profits are!

This should drive profits for mining companies higher over time, making them attractive buy for investors who want to protect and grow their wealth in this crazy interest rate environment.

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