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If You Don’t Have a Gold IRA, Your Retirement Is at Risk

When the stock market crashed in 2008, the average worker lost about 25% of their savings. That’s the average. There were less prudent folks who lost 50% and more due to lack of diversification.

Now imagine that happened to you just before you entered your hard-earned retirement. 50% of your savings are gone and you have no time to recoup it. That’s the nightmare many soon-to-be retirees experienced when the markets crashed.

My point is, if your retirement savings are tied only to unstable financial markets, your nest egg is at risk. And no matter whether you are in your 20s or 60s, losing a big chunk of your savings is no fun.

As such, you have to hedge. And one of the best ways to do that is to own physical gold in your IRA account.

But before I explain what a gold IRA is, let me briefly tell you why gold is a must in your retirement fund in the first place.

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This Kid and Granddad Dialogue Best Explains Why We Invest in Gold

The other day, Hard Assets Alliance customer Ron Saunders reached out to me. It turned out, Ron was not only a gold investor but also a novel writer.

He was gracious enough to send me a copy of The Aurykon Chronicles, a tale about teenage boy Mack Thomas learning his crucial life lessons through conversations with his life mentor and grandfather, Pappy.

In one chapter, Pappy bought his grandson a Gold Eagle as a birthday present and explained to him why society has valued the metal for thousands of years— and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Their dialogue is a fascinating read that I recommend to each of you.

Essentially, the conversation between Mach and Pappy boils down the fundamentals of investing in gold, explained in 5-year-old terms.

Sometimes cases for gold may be dull and boring. But Ron, using his uncanny storytelling, explains (or reminds) you of the reasons to invest in gold through a compelling narrative—telling but also entertaining.

I hope you enjoy reading this excerpt as much as I did.

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Why Gold Is the Ultimate Crisis Insurance for Your Portfolio

Every economy eventually skids into a recession as part of the natural cycle of ups and downs. And each recession has one common feature: big losses in equities.

In the dot-com crash, for example, most Internet stocks went down 70–90% from their all-time highs, which was a death sentence for investors who heavily speculated on tech stocks.

But even if you are diversified among different sectors, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe.

In 2008, the whole S&P 500 index suffered a fall of 38.5%. Now, if you could afford to wait until the market recovered, you were fine. But for those who needed money to cover immediate living expenses, or worse, retirement plans, it was devastating.

As such, hedging your portfolio against a downturn in equities is key to long-term success in investing and your prosperity.

So, how exactly do you shield your portfolio from a recession? The answer lies in the correlation of your assets…

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The 3 Biggest Trends That Will Drive Gold in the Next 30 Years

The World Gold Council recently released an insightful report titled, Gold 2048: The Next 30 Years for Gold. This report looks at overarching demographic, technological, economic, political, and social trends around the world and their implications for the gold market.

The report has brought together top gold industry experts as well as world-renowned authors and economists who discuss the underlying macro forces that will drive gold in the next 30 years.

This is an eye-opening yet lengthy read that I highly recommend to all investors. To give you a glimpse of what’s inside the report, this short overview presents the highlights and takeaways from an investment perspective.

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Smart Money Is Moving into Gold as Volatility Returns

Two months ago, we hosted a conference featuring 25 world-famous asset managers, investment experts, and economists who discussed their economic outlook and predictions.

I’m talking big names like “bond king” Jeff Gundlach, David Rosenberg, Louis Gave, and others.

As you can imagine, these speakers usually don’t talk much about gold. They’re more concerned with stocks, funds, bonds, and the like.

But this year was different.

I’ve never seen so many high-profile investors mention gold as a safety net—and that includes some who were previously hard-core gold bears.

Unfortunately, the reason is not a happy one. All these “in the know” people are very worried about the direction the markets are taking.

This article is a short report that details what five of these well-known asset managers see coming down the pike over the next few years—and why gold is the best hedge against the looming crisis.

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3 Customer Stories That Prove Gold Is a Time-Tested Store of Value

A while ago, I wrote a couple of stories about how gold had come into my life at an early age. 

The first story was about my Swiss grandfather during WWII. The other one was an account of refugees from Cambodia that became friends of my family when I was in my teens in France.

My belief was that many of our customers have similar life stories about gold that are worth sharing with our Hard Assets Alliance community. As such, I invited you to share your stories.

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David Rosenberg: Mean Reversion in Equities Is Coming

At the Strategic Investment Conference 2018, David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff warned investors of the coming mean reversion in the stock market, which can push down equity prices by 20% or more.

Rosenberg also admitted that this is one of the strangest rallies of all time. That’s because all asset classes went up, even the ones that are inversely correlated:

Whether it was bank stocks, emerging market bonds, Ant stocks, the CRB, oil—every single market, even global bonds. Barkley's Bond Index globally generated a 7.5% return. The least-risky asset class in a risk-on year generated an equity-like return of 7.5%.

He thinks that a breaking point is a year away and so investors should start taking precautions.

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How to Pick the Best Gold Dealers for Your Needs

In the current economic environment, an allocation to gold is a sensible choice.

Gold is a safe-haven asset that performs well during periods of financial uncertainty. When the stock market is falling, gold’s price tends to rise. In other words, gold acts as a form of financial insurance.

Gold also provides protection from inflation. It is both a store of value and a global currency that has retained its value for thousands of years.

Yet, buying gold bullion is not always a safe and straight-forward process. There are plenty of unscrupulous gold dealers out there that won’t have your best interests at heart. Doing a little research is essential in order to make your gold purchase with confidence.

This guide explains how to buy gold and what to look for in a gold dealer.

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Where to Buy Gold Bars and Coins

Looking to buy gold? You’ve made the right decision!

You don’t have to be a doom-and-gloomer or a conspiracy theorist to buy gold bars or coins. I can tell you that even many gold critics, including some government officials, own gold—if for no other reason than diversification.

It makes sense to hold some of mankind’s oldest monetary asset in your portfolio. After all, how many stocks have survived for thousands of years? None, and neither has any one currency.

Not only that, owning an asset uncorrelated to stocks and bonds can protect you from huge losses in an economic downturn.

And because it’s a hard asset—rather than a paper promise—no one’s ever going to default on your investment.

So the question isn’t really whether to buy gold, but rather where and how to buy gold.

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