Gold and Silver-Backed Lending

Access Cash and Maintain Your Investment Exposure

Hard Assets Alliance is proud to provide easy access for its investors to lending against gold or silver investments.

These asset-backed loans secured by precious metals are provided by Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC) through a unique partnership that makes the process simple and quick for HAA investors.

Established in 2005, CFC lends against precious metals bullion and numismatic holdings to both institutions and individual investors alike.

Think of it as a “Gold Equity Loan”. Much like a home equity loan, you can:

  • borrow against an asset you already own, and which you expect to appreciate in value;
  • getting access to cash at a competitive interest rate because of the relative security of your loan;
  • up to a maximum loan-to-value ratio set by the lender.

The process is easy for HAA investors. Simply pledge your precious metals — which remain safely stored in the vaults here at HAA — as collateral for your loan. This gives you access to working capital without having to sell one of your growing investments.

Unlock the cash you need — to invest in equipment for your growing business, or make an important investment, for example — but also maintain the benefits of owning physical precious metals, especially the exposure to rising prices.

There are, of course, some simple requirements:

  • you must have a minimum of $35,000 in metals stored with Hard Assets Alliance at one of our U.S. vault locations to be eligible.
  • loans are subject to minimum loan-to-value ratios and if precious metals prices fall may require posting additional collateral or cash to satisfy the margin requirements; and
  • loans are given at the sole discretion of CFC, and currently limited to residents of the U.S. states NY, CA and FL.

If you are ready to take out an asset-backed loan, simply head over to their site using this link to the shortened application specifically for Hard Assets Alliance investors:

Apply for a Precious Metals-Backed Loan from CFC
(For Qualified HAA Investors Only)

There is no cost to apply and no obligation to borrow if your application is approved. And we’ve worked with CFC to make the borrowing process as easy as possible for HAA investors.

If you have additional questions on the process for borrowing against your investment holdings, contact CFC — their lending specialists are available to help with the entire process.

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