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The 2021 Gold Bull Market

Billionaires, hedge funds, central banks, and everyday investors

like you are buying up gold at a pace not seen in years...

Joining today’s gold rush is easy with Hard Assets Alliance. Buy,

hold, and sell physical gold 24/7 – from the comfort of your home.

Over 30,000 members and counting

Did you know, investors who own gold have earned higher overall returns than those who don’t?

It’s true.

Portfolios with gold perform better.

If you don’t have gold, you're missing one of the world’s best performing assets.

In 2020 alone, gold rose 24%.

But gold outperforming stocks is nothing new...

In fact, gold has returned 2x the performance of the S&P 500 since the beginning of this century...

Now, gold may have even more legs…

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve has flooded the economy with new dollars, increasing its balance sheet from $4.3 trillion to $7 trillion.

That’s more stimulus than the entire 2007-2009 financial crisis.

And investors looking to inflation-proof their wealth, are seeking the protection of gold.

Gold is the ultimate hedge against a falling dollar, stocks, bonds, real estate… you name it – gold can shield your portfolio against risk.

After all, gold has a 5,000-year track record of storing value. And unlike paper assets, it can’t be made out of thin air.

That’s why the world’s wealthiest investors are buying gold today…

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The New Standard in Gold

The Best of Both Worlds: True Ownership and Digital Access

With our easy-to-use online marketplace, you can buy, sell and trade real, physical gold with ease. And getting started is simple.

Open an account in minutes. Fund. And start investing, 24/7. Add to or sell some of your holdings any time, in a matter of seconds.

Hard Assets Alliance was started by investing professionals who saw the potential in gold, but also the shortcomings of the gold industry – like how investing in precious metals should be as easy and secure as trading stocks and bonds.

We imagined a better, more transparent gold buying experience, then built it from the ground up – with total digital access and true ownership.

This is 100% real, physical metal.

Stored on your behalf in the world’s most secure, third party vaults. Or delivered globally. All at your fingertips.

Over the past decade we’ve helped investors just like you protect and grow their wealth with gold.

Whether you’re looking to better secure your retirement…

Diversify your portfolio...

Reduce volatility…

Or ensure a legacy for your family for generations…

Hard Assets Alliance has solutions tailored to every stage in your investment journey.

So get the protection and peace of mind that gold can give you.

Open an account today and see what makes us the new standard in gold.

Put the Power of Gold in Your Portfolio

Nearly $2 billion of our customers’ most precious assets under management

Open an account with Hard Assets Alliance and you’ll get access to:

Easy, powerful platform trusted by many of the world’s largest wealth managers

US and overseas vault options

Competitive online marketplace where wholesalers bid on every order

Secure non-bank owned vaults including Brinks, Loomis, and Malca-Amit

London Bullion Market Association-approved dealers

And these investor-friendly benefits:

Own whole fully-allocated bars and coins

No paper promises or small shares of giant bars you can never claim

Full replacement insurance on your stored gold, silver, platinum and palladium

No counterparty risk: You own the specific coins or bars you purchase

Unbroken chain of custody: Your bullion is documented and tracked

Regular audits by independent security firms

Around-the-clock surveillance with armed security personnel

State-of-the-art electronic protection of your assets and data

Some of the lowest fees in the market

Plus, flexible options for investing on your terms:

All metals are liquid – sell online in a matter of seconds

“Set and forget” automatic investing for dollar-cost averaging over time

Request physical home delivery of your metal at any time

Enjoy tax-advantaged investing with retirement account options

Give the gift of gold with ease with legacy accounts including trusts

Hold precious metals as a first-class company asset for your business

Hard Assets Alliance gives all investors, regardless of portfolio size or net worth, access to an institutional-class platform for buying and selling precious metals without needing to go through the hassles (or worry) of home storage.

Sign on, click, and manage your physical bullion assets holdings just like you would a stock brokerage account. It’s that easy.

Ready to put the power of gold to work for you?

Join over 30,000 members of Hard Assets Alliance today

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