Build a Stronger Portfolio with the Hard Assets Alliance

The simple, low-cost way to buy, sell, and store physical gold.

Gold is the ultimate safe haven asset. 

It has a 5,000 year track record of storing value. 

Gold can’t be erased, hacked, digitized, synthesized in a lab, or made in a factory. 

Once you own gold, you own it. 

And when markets turn volatile... and paper wealth starts to evaporate… gold has your back. It insulates your portfolio and preserves its value when you need to most.

That’s why the world’s wealthiest investors... Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros, John Paulson… are buying gold today. 

And it’s also why the economic powerhouses of the world… USA, China, Russia, Germany, France, India… all actively buying and already hold thousands of tonnes of gold.

So, if hedge funds, wealthy families, savvy investors, central banks… the world... recognize the value of gold today, as they have for millennia, shouldn’t you add gold to your portfolio?

Of course, we believe the answer is “yes.” But if you’re skeptical...  

And you feel certain the next few months and years will play out in your favor. Or you have a long time to retirement and believe you can absorb another crash. Then, maybe you don’t need gold. You can keep putting your money in the market and everything might be fine.

But if you’re someone who is protective of your money…

And someone who prefers to be prepared… and carry a little insurance... rather than be surprised when events happen…

And if you’re someone who also likes to make money in many different scenarios and market conditions… i.e. spread your bets around… then owning gold at this point in history may make a lot of sense.

But here’s the thing…

To really take advantage of physical gold and reap all its benefits…

You need a platform designed to help you buy and sell gold when you need to, on your terms. A platform that lets you average into a position over time… take profits… and hold on to your gold without ever worrying about if it’s secure.

And that’s where the Hard Assets Alliance comes in…

Introducing the SmartMetals platform

Click and buy gold as easy as buying a stock

Purchase gold from a network of the largest wholesale dealers

The SmartMetals account lets you tap into our network of the biggest wholesale bullion dealers and refiners who compete for your business. These are the same refiners and dealers that supply the world’s largest institutional buyers and banks.

Combine that with the purchasing power we achieve through sharing our trading system with high-volume hedge funds, pension funds, institutional investors, and high-net-worth brokerage clients.

This is why the Hard Assets Alliance is able to offer our clients some of the most competitive prices in the world.

Store your gold securely in any of our five world-class vaulting facilities

With the SmartMetals account, you can store precious metals in one of our non-bank vaults located in New York, Salt Lake City, Zurich, London, or Singapore.

These vaults are run by the world's most recognized security professionals... Brinks, Loomis, and Malca-Amit... and house gold for international banks, governments, and others who require absolute security and complete auditability—just like we do.

The Hard Assets Alliance was created in 2012 by a group of trusted independent financial researchers who believe that every investor should hold physical precious metals for both capital preservation and capital gains.

The SmartMetals platform was designed by the Hard Assets Alliance from the ground up with your ease of use in mind.

We’ve eliminated the high prices, hidden fees, and frustrating buying process found in other precious metals platforms… and the need to take on the liability (and worry) of storing metals at home.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can:

To show you how easy it is to get started, we’re giving you the chance to test-drive the SmartMetals platform today…

You can try out all the tools for managing your metals online...

Take advantage of changing markets quickly…

Add to your holdings when metals are undervalued...

Or take profits and sell immediately when they are overvalued.

From your phone on the golf course or the privacy of your den…

With no long-term commitment or contract and best of all – no fees.

Open a SmartMetals account today.

This is the best way to get started investing in precious metals with a global leader that manages hundreds of millions of the world’s wealthiest investors’ and institutions’ bullion holdings.

Remember, you can request delivery of your metals or liquidate any time you want. How you use the SmartMetals platform is entirely up to you.