The 1oz PAMP bar is .9999 fine Gold and comes enclosed in a clear protective case that includes an assay card, guaranteeing the gold weight and purity.

Location: Salt Lake City Price (Price per Ounce): $1600.76 / $1600.76

Purchase AmountPrice (Price per Ounce)
up to $49999.99$1600.76 / $1600.76
$50000 - $249999.99$1597.61 / $1597.61
$250000 - $999999.99$1594.47 / $1594.47
$1000000+$1591.33 / $1591.33

Weight: 1oz

The 1 oz PAMP Fortuna gold bar is stunning bullion that is highly sought after. This bar has a 0.9999 purity and contains one troy ounce of gold. The front of the PAMP Fortuna bar is a beautiful design, which depicts the Roman goddess of fortune and luck—Fortuna. The bar is stamped with its weight, purity, and serial number on its reverse. The PAMP gold is embedded with unique Veriscan technology, which adds protection and peace of mind.

Each PAMP gold bar comes with an asset card that details its gold purity and weight. The 1 oz Fortuna can be included in a precious metals IRA. Buy a 1 oz PAMP gold bar for your collection today.


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