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Dear Reader,

Jim Rickards here. Glad you made it.

You know I recommend 10% of your net worth should be in physical gold and silver. But – that’s the minimum…

If you’ve been following my recent research about the condition of the markets, you’ll know that investing today is riskier than ever. Especially if you’re already retired or approaching retirement.

In my book, “The New Case For Gold”… I detailed the many obstacles facing the global economy and why quick fixes like stimulus checks and money-printing won’t change anything.

To be honest, the tactics used by the Federal Reserve are the equivalent of sealing a giant, cracking dam about to give way with chewing gum…

I believe the world will look much different in the years to come than it does today. And real, physical gold should act like bedrock for your portfolio… stable, inflation-proof, and not subject to the whims of governments or banks. For these reasons (and many more), I predict gold will be $10,000 per ounce. That’s why I believe a larger percentage of physical gold and silver may be more appropriate for you.

Whether you agree with me or not on your allocation, I urge you to start accumulating gold and silver and build a position.

Doing it is easier and safer than ever with the Hard Assets Alliance…

Here I lay out everything you need to know to set up your account and invest in gold and silver.

Hard Assets Alliance is a unique company.

You see most gold and silver dealers are sales companies, paying out high commissions to their salesmen to the detriment of you – the gold and silver investor.

Hard Assets Alliance is different… their aim is to provide the best, most versatile, secure, and cost efficient service. Serving you, the gold and silver investor. This is a huge advantage for you and me when it comes to buying and selling precious metals.

They have just about every service you could imagine for a precious metals investor.

Individual or Joint Accounts – this is where most people start, and lets you store in secure vaults or take delivery

IRA account – tax-advantaged way to hold physical gold and silver for retirement

Gold and Silver automatic monthly savings account… start as low as $25/month

Opening a Hard Assets Alliance account is like opening a simple brokerage account

When you click the button below you’ll land on a page that looks like this…

Simply enter your email address, follow the steps… and you’ll be able to buy, trade, and sell physical precious metals from the comfort of your home.
And don’t forget… we’ve arranged a special deal for our readers.

You get 6 months of free storage on the metals you purchase today.

All the best,

Jim Rickards

P.S. When I tell people to buy gold and silver, I almost always get some push back. For those that are open to the idea, it goes like this…

“But Jim, how do I know what coins and bars to buy…. And how much gold vs. silver?”

That’s why, when you enter your email or click the button, we’ll email you a one-sheet blueprint spelling out exactly what coins and bars to buy based on your level of liquid assets.

We kept this super short, because the most important thing is that you get your account set up so you can take action to protect and grow your wealth.

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