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Sidestep Retirement Disaster With The Biggest, Most Stable, Best-Performing Asset Of the Century

(Hint: it’s not a stock)

Everyone seems to have the next home-run investment idea these days… 

Your neighbor, your co-worker, even the paperboy all are jumping in… 

From so-called “meme stocks” like Gamestop, AMC, rocketing up 5-fold overnight. 

To cryptos like Dogecoin returning 12x gains so far in 2021 

Or the NFT (non-fungible token) market value shooting up 1,785%...   

In a time like this, there’s no shame in making some extra money for yourself.

After all, the Dow has set a new all-time record high 23 times, and counting, this year. Hopefully you’ve been able to pocket some of this upside.

But here’s the thing... 

There's a difference between swinging for the fences and making smart bets.

You’ve worked hard for what you’ve got… and aren’t likely looking to “YOLO” your retirement savings away. 

So when you allocate a small part of your portfolio to exciting, high-flying plays… you should also take a small part of your portfolio and put in a safe, stable asset for insurance. 

How safe? And how stable?

How about… the world’s most valuable and reliable asset of all time?

This mysterious asset’s total market cap is over $11 trillion...  

Billionaires own it… 

Hedge funds, pension funds, are all buying it up at a record pace… 

Even Warren Buffett has exposure to it… 

And many industry experts expect it to enter a new bull market in the years to come. Possibly soaring to record highs...

What is it? 

It’s Gold.

Gold has a stellar 5,000 year old winning record of preserving wealth and maintaining strong purchasing power even during history’s worst storms. 

And gold could be the missing piece to you retiring safely.

When Rome fell and the world plunged into the Dark Ages… gold survived.

When Germany suffered the worst hyperinflation in Western History and working families needed a wheelbarrow full of money to buy bread… anyone with 25 ounces of gold could buy an entire city block in Berlin.

And when the US government allowed citizens like you and me to own gold again in 1975… the value of gold soared by as much as 2,000% in a few short years...

Open an account and join the 30,000+ investors who trust Hard Assets Alliance today.

People Learned From the 2008 Retirement Disaster  

When the markets crashed in 2008, people saw their retirement funds vanish. Even bonds failed to protect millions of people’s future plans.  

But even during the darkest moments, gold rose over 25%.

That was when “smart money” aka hedge funds noticed gold’s reliability in modern times. And ever since they’ve held large gold positions as a form of insurance.

And if an investment in gold is good enough for a billionaire, it’s likely good for you too. 

And you don’t have to start from scratch… people who plan to retire in 10-15 years are putting the power of gold to work for them where it really counts, inside an IRA. 

Yes, you can buy gold in an IRA, just as easily as a stock.

For over a decade, Hard Assets Alliance professionally handled billions of dollars worth of pure gold bullion, in IRAs and regular taxable accounts, for investors like you. 

Serious investors trust us for their precious metals because we do things right here. 

Are You Ready to Preserve Your Future Today?

The markets can change the course of your future without warning. That’s why it’s smart to protect yourself from market troubles before they happen… by adding physical gold to your portfolio. 

Investing in precious metals is easy with Hard Assets Alliance.

Hard Assets Alliance was started by a group of former Wall Streeters, just after the 2008 financial crisis, who saw a rapidly-rising need for investors to safeguard their retirements with the world’s safest, most valuable asset… gold.

Since then, we’ve grown to be a leader in the industry, trusted with $3 billion in customer assets.

Why do so many investors choose Hard Assets Alliance? 

Because we’ve made something formerly difficult, investing in physical gold coins and bars, as easy, simple, and secure as trading stocks and bonds. 

With Hard Assets Alliance you get… 

  • Liquidity – buy and sell real, tangible precious assets in a few taps on your phone and easily take profits when you want.
  • Low prices – enjoy fast physical precious metals trading in our online marketplace where multiple competitors bid on every order giving you the lowest price possible.
  • Peace of mind – bullion is stored in your name in the world’s highest-rated, most secure private vaults, protected by armed guards from the best names in security including Brinks and Loomis, all outside the banking system.
  • True ownership – every cent you invest in precious metals is yours and yours alone. No paper promises, “digital-backing”, or I.O.U.s. Just the real deal… 100% physical metals all of which can be shipped to you at any time.
  • Flexibility – your metals, when you need them. There’s no long-term commitment or contracts to sign. Deposit, withdraw, invest and hold on your terms, no red tape.
  • U.S. Phone Support – we’re more than just an app or website, our New York-based staff is ready to assist you from opening an account, investing, or any questions you may have.

So whether you’re looking to better secure your retirement

Diversify your portfolio...

Reduce volatility

Or ensure a legacy for your family for generations

Hard Assets Alliance has solutions tailored to every stage in your investment journey. 

So get the protection and peace of mind that gold can give you...

Open an account and join the 30,000+ investors who trust Hard Assets Alliance today.

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