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The 2022 Silver Bull Market

Billionaires, hedge funds, central banks, and everyday investors like you are buying up gold and bitcoin at a record pace. But it’s silver that outpaced gold in 2020. And it’s silver that’s been used as money for thousands of years… not bitcoin.

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Why Silver? Because The Devaluation of the Dollar Continues

You may already be aware of the massive increase in the balance sheet of the federal reserve in the U.S.

But the U.S. is not alone

All this money printing in the U.S, Europe, and Japan could deliver gains in silver of 400%.

Check out this chart…

Central Banks Ballooning Balance Sheets

You see… it’s not just the U.S. with a balance sheet that’s skyrocketing. So is Europe, Japan, and China.

They’re not done yet! The U.S has added another $1.9 trillion stimulus bill… with more likely to come soon.

So keep in mind it’s not just the dollar that will be devalued when compared to silver.

All major currencies are being diluted!

Just imagine if investors in these other countries start panic buying silver to get out of their own fiat currency...

Silver is a very small market—so small, in fact, that a little money moving into or out of the industry can impact the price to a much greater degree than other assets (including gold).

In fact, silver recently rocketed up 7% in a single day due a small group of Reddit investors jumping into the silver market.

You might have heard this referred to as the “Silver Squeeze” in the media.

And it all happened in a matter of hours!

That’s how quickly silver can move.

But this is nothing new...

Silver Outperforms Gold In Bull Markets

Silver typically soars much further and faster than gold.

Here are a couple good examples…

Check out how much more silver gained than gold in the two biggest precious metals bull markets in the modern era:

You might say silver is gold on steroids!

Join today’s sophisticated investors rushing into silver.

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We can expect this outperformance to repeat in the next silver bull market, too, because the silver industry remains tiny.

But this is only one side of the coin for what’s in store for silver.

On the other side of the coin…

The U.S. Government Is about to Go “All in” on Green Energy.  

Silver is used in just about every electric and electronic device you can imagine.

And with the rise in electric vehicles and the almost certain new wave of solar in the U.S. silver demand will continue to increase.

See that big jump from 2008 (when President Obama was elected). The next 4 years saw a huge spike in silver demand for solar.

Demand nearly quadrupled in President Obama’s first 4 years in office.

Also note that during Trump’s term it was virtually flat, with no growth. The Biden administration is telling us this is about to change.

This is from John Kerry, at the White House press briefing in January 2021, “What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”

They and those folks John Kerry is referring to are all the oil and gas workers that will be out of jobs due to the Biden administration restricting the fossil fuel industry.

A change in energy policy like this is not even the biggest story here...

US Mint Silver Eagles Sales Double in 2020

Demand is off the charts for silver…

But while the mainstream financial news remains enamored with high-flying “meme stocks”... cryptos… and billionaire-funded SPACs… you won’t hear about it:

But make no mistake – people are quietly buying up U.S. Silver Eagles at record numbers.

In 2020 the U.S. Mint sold TWICE as many Silver Eagles as they did in 2019.

As Demand Goes Vertical… Supply is Shrinking

Long term, the biggest impact on the silver market could be the shrinking supply.

Why is supply shrinking?

First, mine production is down...

Not only that.

But scrap silver supply is down as well.

And recycling is more expensive than most people realize.

Which is why we could see…

A Silver Supply Problem… Soon

Now maybe you’re thinking…

Governments around the world probably have a stockpile of silver right next to their gold.


Remember… this is GLOBAL government stockpiles. Not just the U.S.

With what you’ve read so far, you know way more than most investors about the silver market.

This could be the most ignored and undervalued commodity in the world right now.

After all, silver has a 5,000-year track record of storing value. And unlike paper assets, it can’t be made out of thin air.

That’s why the world’s wealthiest investors are expecting silver to go higher in 2021…

As you can see, some of the smartest investors are betting on silver prices to go higher. And if you want to get in before silver makes its next big move…

Hard Assets Alliance may be the ideal place for you.

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