SOLUTION : MetalStream™

Automated Investing When Time Is Money

Save In Gold
Dollar Cost Average
No Commitments

Start Saving in Gold Without a Second Thought.

Accumulate precious metals with automated monthly investments into real, physical bullion. MetalStream™ lets you save in gold and silver over time and get all the benefits of price averaging, without sacrificing the advantages of owning whole coins and bars.

Setup is super simple. Just pick an amount to invest, select eligible gold or silver products, and connect to your bank for funding (or pre-fund an account balance). We’ll do the rest, making regular monthly investments on your behalf. As you accumulate enough for a full coin/bar, we’ll automatically move it into the vault for you at no additional charge.

Start a New Account with MetalStream

Always Be the One In Control.

MetalStream is easy because you’re the one that sets the rules.

  • Start and stop anytime you want
  • No extra charges/fees
  • Invest any amount, as low as $25/month

Open An Account

Open. Connect. Go.

If you’re new to Hard Assets Alliance, it takes only minutes to set up MetalStream automatic investments. Just sign up for a free account, set up automatic deposits – by securely logging into your bank, or using the numbers off of a check – and what you want to invest in.

Every month we’ll make the automatic deposit and purchase for you. Like any holdings with HAA, you can sell or take delivery of any portion at any time.

Open a New Account with MetalStream

You can add MetalStream to any non-retirement account you already have. Simply log in and set your MetalStream preferences: connect your bank, set the amount to invest, and pick what to buy.

to add MetalStream

Pause, restart, or change your settings any time.

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