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Get More Hedge for Your Dollar with Tax-Advantaged Investing.

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Save for Retirement in Physical Gold

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Gold + IRA. One of Investing’s Best Kept Secrets.

IRAs can provide an amazing tax-deferred or tax-free way to invest. And with a gold IRA from Hard Assets Alliance, you can apply those advantages to real, physical precious metals. If you don’t pay taxes when you rebalance your IRA portfolio (for example, selling rising gold to buy more stocks when they are cheap) you get more ounces for your dollar to take full advantage of the hedging power of precious metals. Best of all, we make it easy every step of the way.

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Our streamlined process means you can manage your precious metals IRA easily. Just open an account, fund it, and buy or sell anytime. You can even take delivery for your distributions if you choose.

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You Can Trust.

For unparalleled simplicity and security, we’ve integrated Equity Trust into our platform—one of the leading independent trust companies in the US, with over $25B in alternative assets under custody for IRA investors.

Retirement Accounts. Things You Must Know.

Traditional IRA


An individual retirement account which allows for annual tax-deductible contributions. May also be funded by a transfer from an existing tax-deferred IRA, or a rollover from a qualified plan (401k, 403b, etc.). Earnings on contributions are tax-deferred until withdrawn after age 59½. Upon withdrawal from the account, distributions are subject to income tax.

Roth IRA


An individual retirement account that is funded with after-tax contributions. May also be funded by transfer from an existing Roth IRA or rollover from a Roth 401k. Earnings on Roth IRA contributions are not subject to taxation. And contributions (not earnings) can be withdrawn free of tax at any time. Earnings may be withdrawn from the Roth IRA tax-free after age 59½.


SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRA accounts provide an easy, flexible, low-cost retirement option for those who are self-employed or a partner/owner of a corporation. A SEP retirement plan is basically a Traditional IRA that allows you to make larger annual contributions for yourself and your employees.

Simple IRA

SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA accounts provide small business owners an easy way to make contributions toward their employees’ and their own retirement. A SIMPLE account is for self-employed individuals or small businesses with 100 employees or less.

Need Help Along the Way?

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Apply in minutes. Choose the right IRA for you and answer a few simple questions. Need help? Our representatives are here for any questions you might have..


You can fund your gold IRA by transferring cash from an existing IRA, rolling over a work retirement plan (like a 401k), or making an annual contribution. We’ll guide you through it when you apply.

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