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What Our Customers Say

We could sing our own praises all day, but what really matters is what our valued customers have to say…

HAA provides the means for safely purchasing assets that are not easy to acquire for ordinary folks not engaged in financial services or metals trade. It does so with integrity and honesty, and it continues to make the administration easier.

If the worst happens and shipping and communications get derailed, it’s nice to know that I have what I bought in my possession.

You put sound money in my retirement account… instead of pixels.

The ability to use small amounts of cash on a monthly basis to buy physical gold and silver at good prices—and have them stored both in Singapore and New York—is a great capability for someone trying to build up a holding on an incremental basis.

Platform works every time. No trading glitches.

The website is very easy to use, provides excellent information, and a feeling of security. I am very comfortable investing online with HAA.

HAA makes buying and getting precious metals as easy as investing in stocks. Wonderful.

When I call to obtain information or assistance with placing orders, there’s no high pressure to act in haste or hustling me for business.

Online sign-up was great and not a hassle as a non-US citizen. Easy to buy and sell metals.

Offering this service to investors and precious metals stackers is wonderful, allowing us to slowly build our wealth rather than having to wait until we have $10,000 [to buy].

Makes buying and selling simple yet comprehensive and elegant—just clean, option-driven investing.

Hard Assets Alliance makes it easy to buy and store precious metals offshore. Funding the account is easy with wire transfers. My business partner and I have separate bank accounts, which are both linked to HAA. Either one of us can fund the account and place buy or sell orders.

I sleep well, knowing HAA has my gold secure overseas.

Simple. Easy. Transparent. I have recommended HAA to many people.