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True Metal Allocation

Most bullion dealers that offer buy-and-store programs either buy and hold precious metals on your behalf or offer some form of pooled accounts.

These accounts “pool” your and other people’s investments to buy large gold bars. Together, you own a “fraction” of that bar.

Since those dealers buy and store only large bars, they save on bullion fabrication and storage fees. As such, their service tends to be convenient and cheap.

The catch: You don’t own the metal. The ownership is allocated to the company, not to any individual that shares ownership.

Some programs offer delivery, but it’s expensive. You must first pay a fabrication fee, which can exceed the premium you would have paid for the bar in the first place, and then a delivery fee.

You could also be exposed to counterparty risk. Should the company become insolvent or bankrupt, you may end up as an unsecured creditor. You may never receive your gold or see the return of your money.

That is not the case with the Hard Assets Alliance.

If You Hold Bullion with Us, It’s Yours and Yours Alone

All bullion bought and held with the Hard Assets Alliance is fully allocated to you. That means you are the sole owner of it. It doesn’t sit on our balance sheet. It’s not pooled with other customers’ metal. It’s yours—and you can take delivery or sell it at any time.

The security of true metal allocation was available only to institutional investors not so long ago due to the high costs associated with it. Today, we offer it to private investors at a fraction of that cost. Learn more about our pricing and fees.

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Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
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