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Secure Domestic and International Storage

When holding precious metals with the Hard Assets Alliance, you can choose to store them at home or abroad.

Our five ultra-secure, non-bank vaults are run by the world’s most recognized security professionals. They house gold for international banks, governments, and others who require absolute security and complete auditability—just like we do.

Our internal records are reconciled with the vaults on a daily basis. Twice per year, the contents belonging to our customers at each vault are verified by Inspectorate, a Bureau Veritas company.

With around-the-clock, armed security personnel, state-of-the-art electronic protection, and full replacement insurance, you can sleep soundly knowing your wealth is safe.

By storing bullion with us, you retain full control over your holdings. You can sell your precious metals for cash or take delivery at any time, and you have immediate access to the proceeds for additional purchases or transfer to another account.

Six Ultra-Secure US and International Vaults
US/New York
US/Salt Lake City
(Malca Amit)

Safer Than Money in the Bank

Keeping your precious metals in a bank’s safe deposit box exposes you to some of the same problems we seek to avoid by owning precious metals in the first place.

In the event of a bank failure or nationalization, you risk losing access to your gold for weeks, months—or potentially forever. Not only that, your precious metals won’t be insured at full replacement value—which is critical in a serious crisis—as the bank doesn’t have information on the contents of your deposit box.

While keeping your gold at home in a safe may seem like a good alternative, if you own more than a small amount, home storage is no better. Your metals are at risk of theft, and no insurance company will give you full replacement insurance for your metals.

Even if they did, you wouldn’t want them or anyone else to know about your secret stash of gold at home. Information might get leaked more quickly than you think.

Disasters, theft, lack of mobility and liquidity are all risks to your savings. The SmartMetals® platform, on the other hand, guarantees unequivocal ownership and unfettered access to your physical precious metals.

Complete Protection, Total Freedom

Your metals in storage are just that—your metals. You’re free to take delivery of them at any time. Simply choose “delivery” from your online account to order some or all of your metals for delivery to your primary address on file.

All deliveries are fully insured for replacement value. Deliveries to alternate locations are possible with prior arrangements to ensure your metals are always shipped safely where you want them, when you want them.

Low Fees for World-Class Storage

Storage rates are the same for all of our vaults, and the fees depend on the amount of metal stored—the larger the amount of your stored holdings, the lower the fees.*

Regardless, at any level, our storage fees are very competitive, ranging from 0.5% to 0.7% per year for gold, and from 0.6% to 0.8% for silver.

*If the calculated storage fee for a given quarter falls below $15 (roughly $8,500 or less in stored gold), a minimum storage fee of $15 will be charged. However, this minimum is waived for accounts with our MetalStream®automatic purchasing service activated.


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Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
Precious Metals 101 Book

Save time and money in the gold market. Learn what to buy, where to store it, the safest type of metal, and more. Answers to every question you've ever had about precious metals investing -- and it's FREE.

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