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Worry-Free Accumulation Program

For most people, short-term volatility and price are some of the biggest barriers to investing in gold or silver.

To accommodate investors looking to build their metal allocation incrementally and eliminate the price factor, we designed MetalStream—an accumulation and savings program for real, physical precious metals.

Build Your Precious Metals Holdings, Free of Emotion

MetalStream allows you to set the amount you wish to invest in precious metals—as little as $100 a month—and it will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account until you say stop.

Whether markets fluctuate up or down becomes a minor consideration. You’ll be steadily building your precious metals holdings while taking advantage of dollar-cost averaging.

Accumulate Fully Allocated Bars and Coins

With MetalStream, on a set day each month, you’ll make an automatic transfer to your Hard Assets Alliance account, and we’ll invest that amount in silver or gold, per your instructions.

As soon as the metal in your account reaches a whole unit of your choice—say, an ounce of gold—the system automatically converts holdings into fully allocated bars that are held in your account.

Your fully allocated bars are then available for immediate delivery whenever you request it. There is no need to “fabricate” or convert your holdings as they are not commingled with other customers’ holdings (except for the units).

It’s a perfect solution for everyone looking to steadily and methodically build their precious metals holdings and have them effortlessly stored outside the banking system.

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Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
Precious Metals 101 Book

Save time and money in the gold market. Learn what to buy, where to store it, the safest type of metal, and more. Answers to every question you've ever had about precious metals investing -- and it's FREE.

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