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The Looming Catalyst That Ensures Higher Gold Prices

These four factors are conspiring to diminish gold supply, creating a perfect storm that will, sooner or later, impact the gold market in several powerful ways. As these forces gather steam, you’ll want to make sure you already own as much bullion as you’ll need.

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The Downturn in the Spot Gold Price

Grant Williams, chief investment strategist for Mauldin Economics' Bull's Eye Investor, recently published a piece in his weekly newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm… that I thought loyal Hard Assets Alliance readers would find very interesting. At its core, the article gives a different take on the recent downturn in gold markets.

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Chinese Gold Rush Underway

This featured chart depicts the explosion in Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong since January 2012, during which China imported an astonishing 1,206 tonnes of gold – 20% more than the nation's latest official gold holdings of 1,054 tonnes. In the first quarter of 2013 alone, China imported 372 tonnes from Hong Kong, or nearly what was imported through the entire first half of 2012.

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Money of the Future or Fool’s Gold?

In the weeks since Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades threatened to plunder the bank deposits of private citizens in order to quell the nation's banking crisis, both the stock and gold markets seem to have shrugged off the news. Interestingly, the unprecedented announcement appears to have provided the initial impetus behind the recent explosion in the price of bitcoins.

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Silver: Little Brother, Big Potential

What makes silver even more attractive than gold is its potential upside. There are several reasons why silver may outperform gold in the coming years. After examining these reasons, we'll explore the recent shortage of Silver Eagles at the US Mint and what this all means for the price of silver in the long run.

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Will Rising Interest Rates Kill The Gold Market?

Mainstream bank analysts have among the worst records for predicting the future price of gold. Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Société Générale, and Citi have all stated that they expect interest rates to rise soon, and that when they do the gold bull market will be over. But these analysts are overlooking an obvious factor in the relationship between interest rates and gold.

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The Three Realities of Coming Inflation

It's logical to assume that when you create more of something, you dilute the value of what's already in existence. That's exactly what has happened to the US dollar since the 2008 financial crisis hit. Economics 101 says this should lead to higher inflation – yet official Consumer Price Index (CPI) levels remain benign.

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