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Help secure your next generation with an investment in real, tangible precious metals. Our estate and gifting solutions – including accounts for Trusts, UTMAs, or holding companies – provide the flexibility to give the gift of gold with ease. When your beneficiary needs the assets, they can easily be sold or delivered. Until then, we keep their assets safe and secure with our vaulting partners. After all, this is about more than precious metals. This is part of your legacy.

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Our most popular estate planning choice. By opening an account in the name of a trust, you maintain full control over the assets, including the ability to add or remove assets per the rules you set.  

A trust account allows a third party or a trustee (you or someone you select) to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. How and when the assets are passed back to the beneficiary from the trustee are specified in the original trust document.

The Uniform Transfers to Minors Act or UTMA allows you to transfer assets to minors today in a compliant and structured way, while maintaining control over the investment strategy until they are of age.

UTMA  accounts are established in a minor’s name by a single adult custodian (i.e. you). The account allows donors to irrevocably transfer assets for the future benefit of a minor. The custodian manages the assets until the minor reaches the age of majority in their state.

If your estate plan makes use of a holding company or other incorporated entity, you can use our corporate accounts to buy and hold precious metals with that company’s funds, and still maintain unambiguous title and separation of assets.

Corporate accounts can be opened for an LLC, a C- or S-corporation, or even a partnership or sole proprietorship, and are managed by your designated officer(s) complete with access controls for multiple users.

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