The Top Choice for Investing in Physical Gold and Silver is Hard Assets Alliance

We put the power and stability of gold at your fingertips with: 

  • True Ownership: Global Vaults, On-Demand Delivery 
  • Liquidity: Buy & Sell Just Like Trading a Stock  
  • Trusted Platform: Over $3 billion in assets; more than 100,000 investors. 

Hard Assets Alliance: The Smarter Way to Invest in Gold & Silver

Used and trusted by 4 out of the 6 largest financial institutions in the United States of America.

Competitive online marketplace where dealers, refiners, and banks bid on every order.

Global storage options in secure, non-bank vaults managed by Brinks, Loomis, and Malca-Amit.

You want your metals? You can have them. Request home delivery any time.

Why Hard Assets Alliance?

The Best of Both Worlds: True Ownership with Digital Access

Log in to our app or website to buy and sell physical metal in seconds. Every ounce is held in your name — owned outright by you — and available to trade 24/7. You can even take delivery of your metals and hold them in your hands.

Whether you’re looking to

  • Better secure your retirement…
  • Add some insurance to your portfolio…
  • Reduce volatility and preserve your purchasing power…
  • Or ensure a legacy for your family for generations…

Hard Assets Alliance has solutions tailored to every stage in your investment journey.

Open Your Account Today And Get:

Liquidity When You Need It – Just Like Trading a Stock

Whether you’re enjoying a round of golf or waiting for a flight at the airport, you can effortlessly liquidate your gold and silver holdings in an instant – right from your phone.

Automatic Investing with MetalStream

MetalStream lets you make automated monthly investments into real, physical bullion.

  • Auto-invest any amount, as low as $25/month
  • Start, stop, or pause at any time
  • No extra charges or fees

Retirement Investing with IRAs

Precious metals IRAs give you the same benefits of physical precious metals investing with amazing tax benefits including income deductions and tax-deferred or tax-free distributions. Start a new account or easily rollover from a 401k, or transfer from an existing IRA.

Ready to Get Started? It’s Simple.

Open your account in minutes.

Choose an account for personal investing, tax-advantaged retirement, or your business.

Fund it.

Connect your bank via encrypted ACH transfer or choose wire transfers or send us a paper check.

Start building your precious metal portfolio.

Use our website or app to buy, sell or trade 24/7.

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Over the past decade we’ve helped investors just like you protect and grow their wealth with gold.

Just listen to what some Hard Assets Alliance members have to say…

“I have had reason to call your customer support a few times and I have always been courteous and quick responses to my inquiries. Thank you for doing a great job.”

Patrick B.

“I have used Hard Assets Alliance only twice, but both times is was easy to transfer money and purchase gold and silver for delivery. The prices were quickly established and compared reasonably well with other sites.”

Fred K.

“The ability to use small amounts of cash on a monthly basis to buy physical gold and silver at good prices—and have them stored both in Singapore and New York—is a great capability for someone trying to build up a holding on an incremental basis.“

Tom M.

“As a new member (investor) I appreciated the prompt and informative replies to my emails. The instructions for establishing my account, funding it and making my first purchase were clear and easy to follow.
My first product shipment just arrived and I was very impressed with its packaging since it contained significant value. Keep up the good work.”

Gordon O.

“I love the ability to store and trade on Hard Assets Alliance and I feel they are safe. The liquid nature of your platform is vital to me as I am more and more concerned about having my cash sit in banks.”

Gene K.