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SmartMetals®—A Hassle-Free Way to Buy, Store, and Sell Precious Metals

Buying and selling precious metal often comes with risk, uncertainty, and big fees. The Hard Assets Alliance eliminated the hassles of investing in precious metals by introducing SmartMetals.

The SmartMetals account gives you a convenient and cost-effective way to buy, sell, and store physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium online.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can:

  • Purchase any of our high-quality bullion products from a network of the largest wholesale dealers
  • Store it securely in any of our six world-class vaulting facilities
  • Sell a portion or all of your metals for cash
  • Take delivery of your metals at any time


Members of the Hard Assets Alliance aren’t just financial experts, we’re investors ourselves. We’ve experienced the frustration of buying, selling, and storing gold and other precious metals.

Our SmartMetals platform was designed from the ground up with your ease of use in mind. We’ve eliminated the high prices, hidden fees, and frustrating buying process found in other precious metals platforms.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can add funds to your account from your bank, buy precious metal coins and bars for direct delivery or secure storage, track your trading activity, and manage your own personal portfolio of bullion holdings.

Simply put, investing in precious metals with the Hard Assets Alliance is as easy and intuitive as trading ETFs and stocks.


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The SmartMetals account lets you tap into our network of the biggest wholesale bullion dealers and refiners who compete for your business. These are the same refiners and dealers that supply the world’s largest institutional buyers and banks.

Combine that with the purchasing power we achieve through sharing our trading system with high-volume hedge funds, pension funds, institutional investors, and high-net-worth brokerage clients.

This is why we’re able to offer our clients some of the most competitive prices in the world.


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With the SmartMetals account, you can store precious metals in one of our six world-class vaulting facilities located in New York, Salt Lake City, Zurich, London, and Singapore—or have it delivered directly to your home.

And unlike many other precious metal companies, which actually own the metal you buy and hold it on your behalf, the metal you buy from the Hard Assets Alliance is fully allocated. So, it’s yours, and yours alone.


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The SmartMetals platform is regularly audited by independent security firms to ensure that it complies with best practice and avoids unauthorized access. Our data centers have state-of-the-art protection systems with 24/7 onsite staff and biometric access control.

Our infrastructure is managed with ISO 17799-based procedures and regularly reviewed in SAS 70 Type II audits. With a SmartMetals account, your data is completely safe and independent protocols make certain that no one can ever gain access to your metals without your approval.


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