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The Hard Assets Alliance Difference

It’s not what we can do for you that makes us different. After all, any metals company can sell you precious metals.

What makes us truly stand out from all other metals companies in the industry is how we help you.

There are several ways the Hard Assets Alliance is different—and better—than other precious metals buying, storing, and selling venues. Compare us to any competitor and we’re confident you’ll see the competitive advantage we offer you:

Trading Made Simple

We’ve eliminated the high prices, hidden fees, and frustrating buying process found in other precious metals platforms. You can buy, sell, store, or take direct delivery of metal to your home with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want more support, our first-class customer service is standing by to help. When you invest using the SmartMetals platform, you can enjoy the same ease and convenience as trading ETFs—but with the confidence that comes from owning a tangible asset.

Purchasing Power = Low Costs

Our trading platform works hand-in-hand with the largest institutional platform in the industry. Great pricing is a result of volume buying—something you receive thanks to the many institutional-sized orders placed by hedge funds, pensions funds, institutional investors, and high-net-worth brokerage clients all trading alongside you on the platform.

Add to that the fact that no fewer than four dealers bid on fulfilling every buy order placed by Hard Assets Alliance customers, and we’re able to offer some of the most competitive pricing on the planet.

Fully Allocated Non-bank Storage. No Counterparty Risk

We work with the largest non-bank vault providers in the world: Brink’s in the United States, Loomis in the UK and Switzerland, and Malca Amit in Singapore.

Unlike many other metals firms, which actually own the metal you buy and hold it on your behalf, the metal you buy from the Hard Assets Alliance is yours and yours alone.

Best of all, your metal stored with the Hard Assets Alliance is fully insured and audited by Inspectorate, a Bureau Veritas company.

First-class Customer Service

At the Hard Assets Alliance, the customer always comes first. Which is why we staff a dedicated team of customer support specialists, located in Phoenix, Arizona, who are standing by and ready to answer questions and provide assistance when you need it.

Streamlined Account Opening Process

Getting started with a SmartMetals account is simple. Our easy-to-use, ultra-secure online application takes only a few minutes to complete, and approval takes no more than two business days, typically much less.


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Get your free Investing in Precious Metals 101 eBook
Precious Metals 101 Book

Save time and money in the gold market. Learn what to buy, where to store it, the safest type of metal, and more. Answers to every question you've ever had about precious metals investing -- and it's FREE.

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