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What Is Palladium

Palladium is a member of the platinum group metals, often referred to as the PGM group of industrial metals. This metal is used in many industrial products like automobile catalytic convertors, jewelry fabrication, electronics, and chemical applications.

Since palladium has many more industrial applications than gold, its price is more subject to macro-economic forces. However, due to its scarcity and increasing industrial demand, more investors are buying palladium coins and bars to diversify their physical assets.

Palladium Price Per Ounce—What It Means and Why It Differs from the Price You Pay

The Hard Assets Alliance palladium charts show intraday prices from the past three years. The palladium price per ounce plotted in these charts is the spot price. This means the final price you will actually pay for palladium will be slightly higher.


To make the metal appropriate for investment, it must be refined into bullion bars or coins. The final price of refined palladium bullion reflects the cost of fabrication, distribution, and a dealer markup.

Most dealers show you the bid and ask price. The ask price is the price you will pay for the bullion. Conversely, the bid price is what you sell the metal back to the dealer for. Hard Assets Alliance account holders can log in to see both palladium bid and ask prices in real time—24 hours per day.

Beware the Spread!

The difference between the bid and ask prices is referred to as the spread. This reflects the true cost associated with buying and selling physical metals. Many novice precious metals investors fall prey to dealers that sell products with spreads as high as 30%.

That means you lose 30% of your investment the moment you make the purchase!

If a precious metals dealer is not fully transparent in its pricing and buy-back options, look for another company to work with.

While many investors only associate gold and silver bullion with precious metals IRAs, palladium bars and coins can also be purchased with retirement funds. Palladium can be an effective way to diversify your precious metals holdings as it’s not affected by the same factors.

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